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You can have your data on YUMIANALYTICS Web. Whether you have RAM data, TAM data, RPD, Survey Data, Digital Data, YUMIANALYTICS Web can run it. Due to our flexibility with Engines, you can also use YUMIANALYTICS Web to build Dashboards with different data. YUMIANALYTICS Web ultimately offers a well-rounded, complete solution that allows you to integrate several DB’s in one single platform. You don’t even need to leave the app to use another DB. Multiple DBs can be managed in one single session. You can even have Dashboards from different DB’s open at the same time. This is also an opportunity for standardization of your information needs. Instead of having different solutions, with different features, for each set of data that you own, by using YUMIANALYTICS Web‘s revolutionary concept, you will be able to get your information all in the same place and if you so wish, with the same format.

Cross-Media, Fusion

and External Inputs

In a competitive environment, it is not just about getting a steady stream of information into your corporation. It is also about getting richer information. Information that can help you see the full picture. In this sense, YUMIANALYTICS Web is perfectly adapted to receiving Cross-Media Studies and other Fusion Studies. This might include Fusions of Digital and TAM data or RAM with Consumption studies like TGI. You might even choose to have your TAM data enriched with information on the Presenters, Topics, Themes and Guests of Programs to see what elements influenced the Audience Values!

have a different set of data?

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YUMIANALYTICS Web is extremely flexible when it comes to accepting Data. You might have some different sets of Data like data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Social Media, Internal or other kinds of proprietary Data. YUMIANALYTICS Web has the potential to be the Platform that integrates all your Data Analysis needs. So if you have any doubt regarding whether your data can or can’t be accepted into YUMIANALYTICS Web, feel free to ask!



Here are some of the features


If you want to combine data from different countries, YUMIANALYTICS Web is the perfect solution.


YUMIANALYTICS Web can accept different databases from several sources.

Cross Media

With YUMIANALYTICS Web you can mix data from several medias like digital data with TV data.

Survey Data

On YUMIANALYTICS Web you can find regular studies (like CATI, CAWI, CAPI) but also TGI and DAR.

Electronic Data

YUMIANALYTICS Web can receive TAM, RAM, meter-based, box studies, RPD, etc.

External Data

If you have raw data, it can be uploaded to our app. Just talk to our team to know more!

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