Latest Generation of

Engine Technology

When you acquire YUMIANALYTICS Web, you won’t just be getting a good looking app. You will be getting the latest generation of engines to power your research. YUMIANALYTICS Web has a revamped engine that is able to calculate multiple analyses at the same time. This in turn will allow you to create complete Dashboards without any significant loss of Speed. But YUMIANALYTICS Web doesn’t only have one Engine. It has multiple and they are specialized in dealing with different kinds of data and/or different kinds of analyses. The combination of these different engines bestows onto YUMIANALYTICS Web a magnificent blend of Speed, Power and Flexibility.

The importance of

Cloud Computing

We have built YUMIANALYTICS Web in a way that it is easily scalable. This is important because it ensures that, if your operation grows or if you want to extend YUMIANALYTICS Web into other areas of your business, you can do it without sacrificing speed or power. This power is one of the reasons that make YUMIANALYTICS Web ideal for centralizing all your analytical and planning needs in one single platform.

Export your


Although we believe that YUMIANALYTICS Web displays information perfectly, we still have added the possibility to export your data. You can export your data into Excel or get copies of your Dashboards in PDF format. You can also use YUMIANALYTICS Web‘s features to export widgets to display in your Twitter and/or Facebook posts.



Here are some of the features

Multiple Engines

A combination of Engines that ensures maximum Speed, Power and Flexibility.

Specialized Engines

YUMIANALYTICS Web knows how to select the engine that best fits what you need.


Can calculate a number of widgets at the same time.

Distributed Computing

By distributing that calculation between several parties we get a clear power boost.


YUMIANALYTICS Web is the Platform that can integrate all of your information.


YUMIANALYTICS Web has been built in a way that allows for easy scaling

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