bringing planning

to the web

YUMIANALYTICS Web Planning is the area where users build and estimate results of media plans. This area is dedicated mainly to planners & buyers in Media Agencies, however, it can be used by anyone in the Industry like a Broadcaster, for example. Regardless of the database that is used (Tv, Press, Radio, single source/Fused Data) in Planning some functions are constant. With YUMIANALYTICS Web you can list the supports available and select the ones you want to use in your plan. Then you can follow the usual planning workflow: generate a ranking, select supports, build the schedule, estimate pre-eval results, use an optimizer and generate the list of planned insertion for daily control.



The summary has an amazing design and it plays a very important role in understanding your pre-evaluation. The summary can be organized using multiple entities which allows the user to quickly see the results of a plan. The fact that the summary is much more graphic saves time to the planner and is more noticeable to the advertiser. 



The planning tool has a new capability which is a multi-product optimizer. This optimizer will help in situations when media agencies need to conciliate broad/buying target results with the core/planning target results and optimize both.

As planners, we want to try and bring the results of booth targets closer together or have them converge as much as possible. The intent is to deliver results, in the most efficient way, for the Brand or the Product while respecting the goals defined on the buying end.



Here are some of the features


It is possible to schedule insertions, optimize plans and evaluate the results. 


Set your strategy according to your brand, product, plan, channel. 


Conciliate broad/buying target results with the core/planning target results, optimizing both. 


Planning provides a friendly user-experience to planners and buyers. 


A simpler, graphic, more intuitive approach to the planning workflow.

Friendly Interface

A simpler, graphic, more intuitive approach to the planning workflow.


Plans are available in the cloud Access to work is possible anywhere in different devices.


All your media in one place: Easy access to multiple databases, Plans, Summaries, Booking.

Everything you need

YUMIANALYTICS Web allows allocation of TV insertions by channel, daypart to match specific objectives.

The Mobile-Friendly Version of this Website is currently under construction