Easy to use

Starting to use YUMIANALYTICS Web is easy and it has an extremely rewarding learning curve. Everything works the way you expect it to work and this helps you reach the outputs that you need with minimum effort. We have implemented a Dashboard and Widget concept. Each widget is an analysis or a report in itself. You can think of these widgets as building blocks. You can then create and combine multiple widgets inside a single Dashboard, to build outputs that give you the full angle of information that you need, without having to open several reports. To add to this, we made everything Drag n Drop. Do you want to have your widget a bit more to the left? Just Drag it onto a new position. Do you want it a bit bigger? Resize it by dragging it into its ideal size. YUMIANALYTICS Web‘s Drag n Drop features promise to make report building much easier.

Your Databases

in the Cloud

Having a  web app with your Database in the cloud promises to make your company’s efforts much easier. Not only is it much easier and faster to get your Data available, but you can have it always with you! Need to go on a business trip? With YUMIANALYTICS Web, you keep having access to Data even when you are away from your office.



In today’s world, it is crucial to have your information always at hand and the easiest way to do this is to have it on your mobile phone or tablet. Luckily, YUMIANALYTICS Web is completely responsive. Not only that but it also allows you to create copies of your Dashboards that are optimized for you to use in your devices. Lets suppose you grab your smartphone and open a YUMIANALYTICS Web Dashboard. If this Dashboard has a version optimized for Phones, YUMIANALYTICS Web will fetch it automatically, giving you the clearest possible view of your information.



Here are some of the features

Web Based

It is entirely web based. You just need a device, a browser and internet connection. 

Simple UI

With YUMIANALYTICS Web every task is easier. The user interface is very clear and intuitive.


You can find several types of widgets (bars, pies and the list keeps growing). 


The app is totally responsive. You can also create Dashboards optimized for Devices. 

Drag n Drop

Organize dashboards and resize widgets easily thanks to this function.  

1 Session, Multiple DBs

You can navigate between your different DB’s without ever needing to logout.

The Mobile-Friendly Version of this Website is currently under construction