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We’ve created a list of your most frequently asked questions. If you have anything that you’d like to see answered feel free to contact us.

YUMIANALYTICS Web is the newest cloud-based analytical solution. With YUMIANALYTICS Web you can create different dashboards with widgets, all this on the web. This tool has a powerful and friendly user interface and it is a dynamic Business Intelligence tool.
YUMIANALYTICS Web price depends of many factors like if you are YUMIANALYTICS Desktop client, the number of users. For a detailed proposal please contact our support team.
To use YUMIANALYTICS Web you only need a device (Computer, Laptop or Smartphone), internet connection and a browser. Simple as that!
No. YUMIANALYTICS Web can be used by different companies like media agencies, advertisers, radio stations, research institutes, TV broadcasters, basically all the media eco-systems. If you have data and if  you want  analyze it just talk to us!

Depends on your budget and expectations. Talk to us to know what could be better for you. 

YUMIANALYTICS Web can receive any type of data (like TAM, DAR, RPD, Surveys, Social, Digital, TGI, Fusion Databases, Proprietary Client Databases, Monitoring, etc).  If you have raw data from different sources talk to our support team to know more.

The data bases are based on cloud in several servers. 

If you wanted to. You can define if you want a private dashboard and be available just for you or make it public and if so it can be edit by your team. 

Of course you can! You can export a widget data to PDF or Excel (XLS). You can also share your widget on Facebook and Twitter. 

Just tell us, we would be happy to hear from you. We believe that our improvements are only possible by being close to our partners. 

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