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YUMIANALYTICS Web has an amazing team behind it focused not only in improving new solutions or external ideas but also in responding to its users needs. When you get YUMIANALYTICS Web, you can be sure that any feature that you find crucial can be implemented and added to your YUMIANALYTICS Web. You can also make YUMIANALYTICS Web your own. YUMIANALYTICS Web allows you to create your own elements. This includes features that allow you to create Targets, TimeBands, Virtual Channels and the Dashboard itself! You can also use YUMIANALYTICS Web‘s extensive template features to save time. You can create templates for pretty much anything inside the app. This includes templates for your Parameters, Widgets and Dashboards.


Dynamic Dashboards

Connecting widgets in YUMIANALYTICS Web is extremely simple. In essence this means that you can have extremely dynamic, selection based, Dashboards. This will ensure that you are able to create a rich analyses without needing to overextend or overcrowd your Dashboards.

Startup and movable dates


YUMIANALYTICS Web is perfectly designed for those who need their information quickly. In this sense you can define your Dashboards to run on Startup. To add to this, you can also use Moveable Dates to make sure that you get a report with the latest dates available.



Here are some of the features

Your Layout

You can define your layout freely. This allows you to create your own Dashboards.


You can connect one widget to another. So you can change the results with just one click. 


With YUMIANALYTICS Web you can create you own targets.

Movable Dates

With Movable dates, you don’t need to manually select the day that you want analyze.


With templates, creating a dashboard is an even simpler task. 

Much More

YUMIANALYTICS Web has no limit. Just try it and give us your feedback!

The Mobile-Friendly Version of this Website is currently under construction