Your Branding

on your dashboard

YUMIANALYTICS Web won’t just be a tool for research. It will be a tool for communication. With YUMIANALYTICS Web you will be able to add Images and Logos, to change your Dashboard’s themes and to define custom pallets that match your company’s Communication Strategy. This will allow you to create thematic Dashboards and other Branded Supports. Combined with YUMIANALYTICS Web’s ability to easily share reports, these features will help you convey your information more effectively. This tool will change how you conduct everything from board meetings to showing information to a client. This will allow you to retain the Dynamic aspects of your Dashboards, which in turn will mean that you will be able to convey much richer information  than you would if you were to rely on one of the traditional means like PowerPoint, Excel or PDF.

Your own


We’ve also added options that allow you to associate a color scheme with a Dashboard or with a Particular Widget. You can also change other elements, like the background color, line and font colors and more. YUMIANALYTICS Web also features that allow you to add other kinds of widgets to help you reach the look that you want. This includes Headers, Separators and Containers for you to be able to build the perfect Dashboard.

New ways

To Share

We’ve have innovated when it comes to sharing your Dashboards. You can still have a Public space for your team to cowork in, but now it has become much easier and simpler to share with third parties.

Need to share a Dashboard with a client or with a Supervisor? Create a public link to your Dashboard. It will retain all of its Dynamic features like connections and Movable Dates, but it will be a read only. 

You can also share links on Social Media or at your website by using our Widget sharing options. If you prefer you also can export your dashboard to PDF or XLS. 



Here are some of the features

Themes & Pallets

With YUMIANALYTICS Web you can use your colors and define your own theme. Just be creative!


If you want to add images to support your data you can do it. Logos, banners you name it!


You can replicate the image of your company on YUMIANALYTICS Web dashboards.

Share Dashboards

YUMIANALYTICS Web allows you to share your dashboard with a public or private link and with QR Code.

Share on Social Media

If you want to share your dashboard on your Facebook or Twitter account, you can do it!

Much More

This tool allows you to combine you data with a beautiful and amazing design. 

The Mobile-Friendly Version of this Website is currently under construction