leading innovation

YUMIANALYTICS Web promises to revolutionize how analytics in Media works. By combing Speed, Power, Flexibility and Customization we have built a solution that finally matches this market’s needs.



This app has a revamped look and UI, specially when compared with today’s solutions for Media Intelligence. But this is not just a good looking app with a nice UI. It features the latest generation of engine technology to ensure that your company gets information in record time. It also features new technology that makes it possible to run multiple analyses at the same time, to deal with different kinds of data and much more.



Compelling Analysis

This solution is very dynamic. You might have a dashboard for a particular brand and you might want to change it to another one. With YUMIANALYTICS Web, you don’t need many clicks to do this. In fact, you can create connections or filters inside your actual dashboard to accelerate this process, making for extremely dynamic outputs. In addition to this, YUMIANALYTICS Web offers the possibility to use movable dates like yesterday, last month and others to avoid needing any manual selection. 


Media in the Cloud

With YUMIANALYTICS Web you can start designing your dashboard on your computer and finish this task on your tablet. YUMIANALYTICS Web is web based so it can run in different devices like computer (Mac, Linux or Windows), tablet or smartphone (iOS, Android). YUMIANALYTICS Web is very responsive and can easily adapt a dashboard made on your computer to fit on your smartphone screen. To work with YUMIANALYTICS Web you only need a device with internet connection, so your dashboard is not trapped in your work station.



easy to learn

YUMIANALYTICS Web was designed to be very user-friendly. Creating a custom Dashboard is extremely simple. Each Dashboard is a combination of widgets that work as building blocks. You will find a multitude of widgets like charts, text boxes, indicators, program grids and much more. To add to this, everything is drag and drop and you can easily resize every widget on your dashboard. 


Enrich your Information

YUMIANALYTICS Web has the potential to be the solution that integrates all of your Analytical and Planning needs. You can even add Audiovisual elements to your Dashboards. This includes Creativities, Images and Snapshots and many other features.


Multiple Sources

The ability to receive different type of studies is one big advantage on YUMIANALYTICS Web. On YUMIANALYTICS Web you can find survey data from another Markdata Solutions, digital data and TV Data. However, there is no limit to add data from other studies. If you have your own data, YUMIANALYTICS Web can be easily adapted and you can analyze the data in the way you want.


Your Corporate Image

YUMIANALYTICS Web is also the perfect solution if you are looking for customized dashboards. You can replicate the image of your company on YUMIANALYTICS Web dashboards. You can create a customized color pallet, change the theme and add images like logos of your company. Everything can be adapted to fulfil your needs, even the widgets background. This tool has an amazing design and unlimited options. Just be creative!



on the web

YUMIANALYTICS Web has also a planning tool. Here you find a pre-evaluation tool, the definition of strategies and the optimization process all in the web. This area of the YUMIANALYTICS Web is dedicated mainly to planners and buyers in Media Agencies. However, it can be used by anyone in the Industry like a Broadcaster, for example.

Independent and


YUMIANALYTICS Web is alive and that means that it is continuously growing. YUMIANALYTICS Web can be “feed” with any data so it is and independent software. The client has the power to insert its own data and change the parameters freely like change the time bands, create of virtual channels and personalize curves.

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